The Blender – digital bookmarking site – free application, similar to Microsoft Office – file converter, download YouTube videos
SeaMonkey – mozilla app – editable browser
Skype – online communication


Virtual Icons – virtual world – create an avatar that looks like you

Media Generators – create slideshows – save YouTube videos – edit photos – create images, like photoshop
Audacity – audio editor (like GarageBand)
Picasa – simple photo editor and photo organizer
photostory – create picture slideshows, add music and text

Search Engines

Radio stations

Can’t open the new Office 2007 formatted documents??? Click the hyperlink to download the compatibility pack and then you will be able to open, revise, and save your document. Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats

Social Networks

Keyboarding Links,,

News Sites –, wired, pc world, computer world, pc mag, zdnet

Careers – Occupational Outlook Handbook

Other Links –, Internet Safety, Crossword Puzzle and Word Search Maker

Computer Apps

Internet Safety Web Site

CAPP Google Group

CAPP Calendar – please note the days you will be absent

Diigo Bookmarking Group

Ancient Olympics Web Sites (diigo)Ancient Olymics Student Sites

Student Career Newsletters

Block 1 Standards
Monday Exercises 1-6Print as handouts -6 slides per page 

include name and exercise # on front slide
Tuesday Exercises 9-17
Wednesday Exercises 20-23
Next Week

Personality Test –

Introduction Games, Windows XP Games, Word Games, Excel Games, PowerPoint Games

Keyboarding Games – – create word clouds – comic strip – 3d animated comic strip – file conversion, download youtube videos

Careers: What do you like?

Electronic Media

Block 4a Block4b Standards
Monday Videos Videos
Tuesday Videos Videos
Wednesday Videos Videos
Thursday Videos Videos
Friday Videos Videos
Next Week Videos Videos

Musicalia DVD Spreadsheet

OHS ONLINE ORACLE (post videos here)

Windows Update (use Internet Explorer)


Embeddable media player


Helpful Sites
Daily Web Dev. News Rocket

Splash Page
Place this code in the <HEAD> section

<META http-equiv="refresh" content="5; URL=">

Teacher Briefcase

My Web Tools & Tips for the Classroom Wiki’s Firefox File Conversion & YouTube Downloader Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats (Windows) Comic Strips Generator ToonDoo – comic creator, free Comic Strip Lesson Plans comic generator Soduko Puzzles (printable) (printable) Other Puzzles Lots of Puzzles Scrabble Lesson Discovery Education Word Search, Criss-Cross, Double Puzzles, Fallen Phrases, Math Squares, Mazes, Letter Tiles, Cryptograms, Number Blocks, Hidden Message CamStudio – pc app for video screen capture,,,, reading the edweek chat about tech-literacy Tech4Learning Tools My favs are Pixie2 & Recipes4Success just installed smart youtube plugin for wordpress. Have i mentioned how happy I am to host my own blog? Mrs. Hastings Links – young people’s writing blogs – online bookmarking Google Earth – 3d live world – word clouds – animation – comic strips – change doc types, download youtube videos – web conferencing – wiki – digital avatar – animated character itunesU – free educational podcasts – lots of puzzle creation – create time tables – oodles of free web apps

Web Tools and Tips, April 27-May 1

Posted on April 27, 2009 by jremmereid | Edit Key Tip: GET ORGANIZED Tools: 1. – interactive web poster 2. – create avatars 3. – short picture slideshow, with music Post your results here Filed under: Uncategorized | Leave a Comment »

Ms. Remmereid’s NCAA Tournament Bracket Competition

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Fill out your bracket and note your points in the shared Google spreadsheet Filed under: Uncategorized | Leave a Comment »

Fun Multimedia/Interactive/Podcast-ish Sites

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  • posters
  • advertisements
  • home pages
Audio podcasts
  • vocaroo
  • gabcast
polleverywhere -polls – animated comics
  •, – digital storytelling – white board, upload photos, online collaborative environment – only 5 on at a time – teams or small groups dimdim – open source – open collaboration, comments, audio, pictures Picasa / Flickr – post pictures and videos online – question and answer site Filed under: Uncategorized | Leave a Comment »

More Web Sites

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if you have teachers or students working together, this might be a great web 2.0 tool for you. Just found this presentation tool and have worked with this a little.  Would be very cool tool for students! Another site that collects news per curricular area; similar to the last post but with different disciplines. Need to make a list?  here you go!  Get Toodled! Found some new web sites for you!  Enjoy and pass them along to the appropriate teachers! Maze Generator – Academic Earth; Thousands of Lectures from the World’s Top Scholars - (Kind of like iTunesU) To Do List creator – List of the Best 2.0 Applications – List of TIME’s 50 Best Web Sites –,28804,1809858_1809957,00.html The Photography Channel – NASA; Do-It-Yourself Podcasting – From: Filed under: Uncategorized | Leave a Comment »

Video Conferencing Web Sites

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Video Conferencing Database Sites: Global and distance connections are very popular right now due to it being an inexpensive way of taking a field trip.  The following sites are great resources for connections that can be made using distance learning equipment.  Several of these you could also connect to using or other video connections. From: Filed under: Uncategorized | Leave a Comment »

Favorite web sites this week

Posted on February 16, 2009 by jremmereid | Edit – create interactive posters, set it as your home web page – record audio – animated comic
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