More Web Sites

if you have teachers or students working together, this might be a great web 2.0 tool for you.

Just found this presentation tool and have worked with this a little.  Would be very cool tool for students!

Another site that collects news per curricular area; similar to the last post but with different disciplines.

Need to make a list?  here you go!  Get Toodled!

Found some new web sites for you!  Enjoy and pass them along to the appropriate teachers!

Maze Generator –

Academic Earth; Thousands of Lectures from the World’s Top Scholars –
(Kind of like iTunesU)

To Do List creator –

List of the Best 2.0 Applications –

List of TIME’s 50 Best Web Sites –,28804,1809858_1809957,00.html

The Photography Channel –

NASA; Do-It-Yourself Podcasting –



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